Firebase integration in Flutter Munually in 3 steps

Hasnain Mirrani
2 min readOct 8, 2023

here is how to integrate flutter manuallay in simple steps due lattes update

by screen shots for better understaing

add this code of line in your project for initialized your Firebase connectivity

Add this package in pubspect.yaml: firebase_core

or enter flutter in command line directly add in pubsupect.yaml file

flutter pub add firebase_core

After login in firebase create project on firebase

Go to the Android folder and open file build.gradle file and copy the name space as same given

And paste this name over here for registor your app this is also called your app domain name

Download this file and add in

Downlaod this file and add into your app-level folder

And go back to firebase and click on next and copy this line

Go to Project level build gradle and paste in dependencies by remove brackets same like this

or this line of code can copy form this flutter firebase manual installation Android

here is link

than restart your app and congratulations you have successfully added the firebase



Hasnain Mirrani

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